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  • What Is Green Gardening?
  • Learn Effective Green Gardening Tips
  • Understand The Principles Of Green Landscaping

Nurture the System

Green gardening is a means of maintaining a naturally healthy garden by having the rights plants, mulch and soil, insects, and garden practices all brought together. The stronger and greener garden you have, the less you’ll need non-natural resources to maintain your garden, thus saving you more money.

Save Money

When you choose to protect the environment, you won’t use a fuel-powered lawn mower or garden tools, for example. Using simple hand tools may seem like more work, but they’re cheaper and cleaner. A proper water system and mulching techniques will help you waste less water, thus preserving this important resource and saving you money.


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Try Green Landscaping

Alongside green gardening is green landscaping, which involves using eco-friendly materials and specific techniques such as creating windbreaks, controlling snow and water run-offs naturally, and implementing solar power. Green landscaping helps you save on the heating and cooling costs of your home.

Garden One-on-One

The first step to knowing what you can do better for your garden is to learn about your garden, how it works, and what would be healthy for your garden. Then you can start exploring options for implementing green and healthy techniques for your yard and plants.